Costa Bingo

If you’ve been keeping up with the goings on over at Costa Bingo, then you’ll be aware that their mascot, Mel B, is now gracing the British screens again on the X Factor! They’re so excited about it, they’ve brought back her favourite game – Mel’s Diamond Chase! In the game, you can scoop up loads of Diamonds – a type of bonus point which you can exchange to buy cards for bingo games or even turn into cash! What’s even more exciting, the game is totally free! There’s only a few days left to play it in though – the game is only up until the 18th of September, so be sure to get involved for your chance to scoop up loads of free diamonds!

The game is really simple to play. Mel is shown on a screen, running down a road, which has diamonds of different colours strewn across it. Each diamond colour has a different value. The player has to use their arrows to steer Mel left or right in order to pick up diamonds. Grab as many as you can in your allocated time, and the more you get, the more diamonds will be added to your balance!

How much game time you get depends on your player class, and the higher your player class the more time the player will have, and thus, the more diamonds you will get. The player will receive an email confirmation to let them know about their win. The times allocated for each player class are as follows:

BLUE will have 15 SECONDS
BRONZE will have 20 SECONDS
SILVER will have 25 SECONDS
GOLD will have 30 SECONDS
PLATIUM will have 40 SECONDS

You can play the game once every day until Thursday the 18th of September – hurry whilst the offer’s still there!