Bet365 Casino

How does the chance to get a ton of money back from playing your favourite mobile casino games sound?

If that seems like something that’s right up your alley then you’re going to love Bet365 Casinos brilliant cashback offer. This nifty little bonus will give you some of your money back when you lose in any of this sites fun mobile casino games. A great feature of this bonus is that the more days you play for the more money you’ll get back for your losses.

For example, if you play for the qualifying period of two days you’ll be given 5% back or if you go for three days you’ll get 10% instead. If you last for four days you’ll be given 15% and if you manage to stick out your losing streak for five days or more then you’ll be given a large 20% cashback bonus as a nice consolation prize.

Although before you start spending cash there’s a few criteria you’ll have to meet first. For starters you’ll have to deposit at least £25 in one go, wager £50, play 50 rounds of a game and bet at least 50p per turn.

This fantastic promotion will last until Sunday the 7th of November and when you take part in this campaign your cash will normally be credited back into your account the following day. You can also get up to £100 back from each cashback reward so if you play every day until the event ends you could end up with a substantial amount of money. Also you’ll have to wager your cash 20 times first before you make a withdrawal.

So why not get a bunch of bonus money whenever the house wins in your games with this absolutely fantastic cashback promotion!